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Storm Warning

May storms pass you by,
…. and bend those willow trees,
To gently fly like a bird in the sky,
And float on the autumn breeze.

Do not let it hurt your heart,
To draw a breath of deep repose,
But give you courage through its rage,
And hope within you doth compose.

For when the raging seas doth calm,
And once again your heart doth beat,
You will see that cloudless sky,
And heavens angels singing sweet.

For in all birth there doth, lie death,
And in all growing: deep decay,
And in our pain, there is always love
To wipe your gentle tears away.

And once again this world will help
To build your dreams all fresh and new
Cradled in those hands that help
And bathed with hope and morning dew

So wait ! Until the wind has died
And a new dawn will paint your day
And hear the distant angels cry
and help you wash your pain away

To face the world with hope and joy
To live another, blessed day.

May God Keep you safe
Poetry from the heart
By dilanidiva.


The Rustle of the Leaves are the wind chimes of heaven,
And the cool breeze a charm ever forgave,
A ripple of a stream, a song to be heard-
And the gentle echo or that lonely bird-

Ah! but it is I that will rest and see
How much this earth loves and lives
Just for me.

Would I be its child and nestle in its womb
Or would I pillage its glory and create its tomb
Is it my place in its glory to hurt it’ great might
Or be a part of a great healing – and not of a great fight!

For I chose to be loving and caring today,
I chose to be loyal in a gentle sweet way
As I listen to the rustle of the earthly wind chimes
And lay my soul in its bosom
And my hope with it Lies,
As I pray for anger to dissolve and to die

Come dance the song of life with me
For we live in such beauty and such serenity!



I will give thanks, today,
No matter what come my way,
I will dance with the flowers,
and sing with the trees,
be a part of this color and the birds and the breeze.
For anger, you have no part of me.
For I am LOVE and I AM FREE!

Oh Behold..



Oh behold a flower.

Ah, behold the simple joy of a flower. Let it speak to your heart.
Let it fire your spirit, where hope is not apart
Oh behold it’s tender, and short-lived reign,
A queen for a moment was devoid of hurt and pain.
Oh behold a flower, for in it lies,
The essence of eternity,
With love, hope – at eventide!

Desire to Feel



From one anger stems another. One is no better than the other..
It is not to lie down and bear it.
But it is best, not to share it.

Seek within a deeper truth.
That which made the crime afoot,
Then when we have passed the test
Of walking the sinners path and quest.

For it is then we cast a stone,
For until then a fates unknown.
But we will never fill the shoes
Of those who suffer and those who loose.

So ask for healing for such wrath
and hope, with peace
will all love must surely come to pass.

Dilani Diva

Be inspired


At times when life will take your faith
And leave you on the floor,
Be unafraid and save your joy
For with your strength and force employ,
You will rise above the stormy sea
And with eagles wings to glide,
And be so free.

Your miracle is there to have
But seek a helping hand.
Avoid a fetal shrouded pose
But rise is faith, with strong repose.
For when kind words are felt within
And you know your joy will win
You will fly again and see
The Beaty of this world- as it was meant to be.

So find that magic of your heart
Don’t let it sink or fall apart,
But when you lay your head to pray
Your miracle will come your way,
For angles dance and eagles glide
And hope will sway with dance and stride,
So feel a breath of joy today,
And your hope will come to life, and stay.

But for such a hope to aspire,
Be inspired from within- with bliss and desire !

Dilani diva 23rdApril

We Are


When breath resides,
….with the ebb and flow of tides
And  passions are aglow,
Within a heart, never more to hide
Love will abide – within the cool
of a gentle, eventide.

When a yearning brings
To a heart that sings
Surely there God abides.
Then this heart creates
the hungry thirst abates
Never more to die.

Dancing spirit, against a moonlit sky
With now I have no fear,
For love is dear, and I do not miss you
Far or near.

For you stay within my heart, alway,
For as we draw our breath
Love will be in life with me,
As is it be with me in death.

For Love has touched my heart
and within its folds, it will live
never near or far apart
For true touch once felt
into nothing can it … ever melt.


For Paris


God Give us peace to share love and feel greif,
Even for those who die with hate
and for those who left without good bye
For the hearts that mourn.. and hearts that sigh
Man makes hell – whose hate can quell… the right to live and die.
But may it bring a love song to sing…
For LOVE needs no reason why.. For Love Will LIVE
and never ever die.

May Love Find a Home…

May Love Find a Home


Can Love reside..?
When anger rocks within
When hurt and hate find home…
Deep within our breast
Turn then thy thoughts to peace..
Find hearts home with rest.

For even as the stars..
Shine through this cloudless sky..
A storm cloud drifting past
Will shield its beauty from thy eye.
For thus thy heart must have
A clear and peaceful home
For love to find a haven,,,
To Live, and grow and roam.


Dilani Diva



Oh when gentle Autumn leaves will fall,
One hears a heart sigh, and gently call…
For Falling leaves and gentle rain
Will cleanse those hearts to help them feel again.

For when the flaming trees set fire,
To rouse your lovers hearts desire,
To play and sing and dance again
The dawn of love, and the resting of it’s pain.

Seasons bring within our souls
The naked joy of love, to make us whole,
And like the wind that touched your window pane,
Love will find a threshold, in your heart, once again.

So let the season ring with joy and gladness,
As we dance with hope and joy and madness,
And let the child within your heart just pray,
…. for hope and love and peace to rise within your heart..
… today !

Blessings to you in the season of love- namaste. Dilani Diva