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Storm Warning

May storms pass you by,
…. and bend those willow trees,
To gently fly like a bird in the sky,
And float on the autumn breeze.

Do not let it hurt your heart,
To draw a breath of deep repose,
But give you courage through its rage,
And hope within you doth compose.

For when the raging seas doth calm,
And once again your heart doth beat,
You will see that cloudless sky,
And heavens angels singing sweet.

For in all birth there doth, lie death,
And in all growing: deep decay,
And in our pain, there is always love
To wipe your gentle tears away.

And once again this world will help
To build your dreams all fresh and new
Cradled in those hands that help
And bathed with hope and morning dew

So wait ! Until the wind has died
And a new dawn will paint your day
And hear the distant angels cry
and help you wash your pain away

To face the world with hope and joy
To live another, blessed day.

May God Keep you safe
Poetry from the heart
By dilanidiva.