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My Bird with a “Broken Wing”


Oh bird with a Broken wing -fly no more, no more.
You don’t dance the naked skies
Or glide from shore to shore.

Oh bird with a Broken wing
You see your lovers gone,
For they fly so high above the sky
To face another dawn

Oh bird with a Broken wing
I will be by your side
For I know the pain of love so flown
That dies at eventide ….

Oh bird with a Broken wing
You will weep no more, no more
For I will nurse your tender heart
Till you fly from shore to shore

And then again when dawn doth come
And bath a tender earth
You will have hope to love again
And feel a brand new birth.

The love you find will set me free
To feel my heart and sing
The little one that touched my soul
My bird with a Broken wing.

written by Dilani Diva 03/06/2020