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If Ever

Moments to remember

If ever we loved, let our hearts not despair
If ever we cried let our thoughts be aware,
If ever we knelt to touch this earthly bed,
If ever a smile of joy was simply shed.

If ever my smile did make you laugh within,
If ever a touch, healed your heart from sin,
If ever a thought of love flew past your mind,
You held a moment on this earth
that only few did find.

And If ever when you are alone and wondering why
Life, has left you breathing with non to show beside
Remember all the hearts and hands that touched you on the way
For their simple laugher that are with your soul to stay.

And of ever you felt the need to hold a gentle tear
For a love you once held so tender and so dear
Never be afraid to feel it’s wonder and it’s grace
For truly the wonder of this life is found open it’s face.

So if ever you were to think, to think, again of me.
Remember that in this life we can be one,
and yet we can be free
For in our thoughts and in our minds
A simple thought of Love will remain, is now and will always be the same.


For those whose hearts have loved and lost. You have only let go. You have not lost at all. For love remains within you. Stronger brighter and more beautiful that before.