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My Bird with a “Broken Wing”


Oh bird with a Broken wing -fly no more, no more.
You don’t dance the naked skies
Or glide from shore to shore.

Oh bird with a Broken wing
You see your lovers gone,
For they fly so high above the sky
To face another dawn

Oh bird with a Broken wing
I will be by your side
For I know the pain of love so flown
That dies at eventide ….

Oh bird with a Broken wing
You will weep no more, no more
For I will nurse your tender heart
Till you fly from shore to shore

And then again when dawn doth come
And bath a tender earth
You will have hope to love again
And feel a brand new birth.

The love you find will set me free
To feel my heart and sing
The little one that touched my soul
My bird with a Broken wing.

written by Dilani Diva 03/06/2020


Oh rise, tides of hope,
Dashed on rocks, floating high,
Above the storms of angered wrath,
Above the clouds that storms the skies !!!!!!

Oh rise, songs of cheer,
That angels share with humankind,
To heal the love of earth’s despair,
To touch the hopes of heart and mind.

Oh rise, you troubled soul,
For, to love is our greatest song
A gift that holds our human touch
A melody that can last so long.

Oh rise !! strength that lies within,
Oh, rise!! a song of hope today,
Oh rise above the angry cries,
And wash the stricken hurt away.

Oh, rise, oh rise, oh rise today….
And grant a space for love to stay !!!!

22nd Jan. 2019

Desire to Feel



From one anger stems another. One is no better than the other..
It is not to lie down and bear it.
But it is best, not to share it.

Seek within a deeper truth.
That which made the crime afoot,
Then when we have passed the test
Of walking the sinners path and quest.

For it is then we cast a stone,
For until then a fates unknown.
But we will never fill the shoes
Of those who suffer and those who loose.

So ask for healing for such wrath
and hope, with peace
will all love must surely come to pass.

Dilani Diva

May Love Find a Home…

May Love Find a Home


Can Love reside..?
When anger rocks within
When hurt and hate find home…
Deep within our breast
Turn then thy thoughts to peace..
Find hearts home with rest.

For even as the stars..
Shine through this cloudless sky..
A storm cloud drifting past
Will shield its beauty from thy eye.
For thus thy heart must have
A clear and peaceful home
For love to find a haven,,,
To Live, and grow and roam.


Dilani Diva



Oh when gentle Autumn leaves will fall,
One hears a heart sigh, and gently call…
For Falling leaves and gentle rain
Will cleanse those hearts to help them feel again.

For when the flaming trees set fire,
To rouse your lovers hearts desire,
To play and sing and dance again
The dawn of love, and the resting of it’s pain.

Seasons bring within our souls
The naked joy of love, to make us whole,
And like the wind that touched your window pane,
Love will find a threshold, in your heart, once again.

So let the season ring with joy and gladness,
As we dance with hope and joy and madness,
And let the child within your heart just pray,
…. for hope and love and peace to rise within your heart..
… today !

Blessings to you in the season of love- namaste. Dilani Diva

The Journey.

Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru and Psychic
(Thank you for sharing your journey with me)
I am only passing through.
this journey we call life.
I come with nothing great
Save to leave it – a smile.

I hope that in this space,
That as lovers or as friends
We will hold this life with hope
and make a tune that never ends.

I am so grateful now,
For the power of your smile,
For the pain of joy and sorrow
For the dawn of even tide.

And as one day I rest
my souls journey still at hand
Let me leave you with a smile
and a promise of a distant land.

For this is but a journey
That we strive with every breath
That we take with us to heaven
That will live with us in death.

and in your endless journey
May you write your chapter well
with hope, and joy and loving
with Gods blessings and life’s best.
Namaste Dilani Diva

Rock Me Rock Me !


Rock Me, Rock Me gentle angel
Let me find my peace in thee
Bring me songs from Mortal chorus
Laced with a smile and a melody.

During times when stars behold me,
And my heart will sing again,
Let me share with you in gladness,
Chimes from heaven, and gentle rain.

Rock me rock me, gentle jesus,
Let the child in me be still,
So I may love this world I lie in
And be on hope and gentle will.

Rock me Rock me mother mary,
Let thy womb be blessed again,
with hope and joy, and simple gladness
That heals our spirit and drowns our pain.

Rock me, Rock me gentle lover
For with you I leave a single sigh,
Filled with hope and seasons wishes
Bathed with dew at eventide.

…and as this single day is done…
….Rock me with this world.. as one.

Composed by Dilani Diva 14th Dec.2014

Heart Songs

Dilani Diva

The Breath of the Season-
( Songs for the Soul – by Dilani Diva )

In this time of year
When songs sing so dear,
May your heart be untroubled
And your thoughts be free….
This eve, if your lonely
When the snow flakes falls
And the touch of a sweet angel
Surely hear your hearts call.

May this time of year
Bring a smile from a stranger
Bring a thought of simple pleasure
Of some holly and a tree
And if you are lonely
May the touch of an angel
Keep you heart from  crying
and set your sadness free

In this time of year
Know that someone loves you
Even though their presence
In your life seems so apart
May you know their arms
that once did want to hold you
Though not so close in body
In spirit, are not apart

May this gentle message
Keep you safe my dear one
For where ever you may wonder
On this earth to find loves quest
Your heart is safe with angels
who will guide and hold you.
From dawn of every moment
To the death of every breath.

May thoughts and prayers are with you all today.

Dilani Diva

Breath of Light


breath against the surface, light…
Russel the petals of my soul
dance and radiate in me
Give me bread to make me whole
Reflect upon my chiding mind
and let me not so storm within
but calm the water of my breath
and let me dance and let me sing.

Melt the walls of the hardened hearts
to soften once again with grace
The anger of the restless soul
that clings to life within this space.
Or touch their hearts with love and peace
and give to them a soul to be
Once again with love and light
and dance the dance of eternity
For with that dance they are one and free.


Life should be like passing breaths
that give us joy and simple rest .
Like breezes fanning burning brow…
And lovers dancing in the now…
So beautiful then life will be and you and i will now ..
This beauty see

( dedicated to Kev )