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Oh rise, tides of hope,
Dashed on rocks, floating high,
Above the storms of angered wrath,
Above the clouds that storms the skies !!!!!!

Oh rise, songs of cheer,
That angels share with humankind,
To heal the love of earth’s despair,
To touch the hopes of heart and mind.

Oh rise, you troubled soul,
For, to love is our greatest song
A gift that holds out human touch
A melody that can last so long.

Oh rise !! the strength that lies within,
Oh, rise!! the song of hope today,
Oh rise above the angry cries,
And wash the stricken hurt away.

Oh, rise, oh rise, oh rise today….
And grant a space for love to stay !!!!

22nd Jan. 2019


The Rustle of the Leaves are the wind chimes of heaven,
And the cool breeze a charm ever forgave,
A ripple of a stream, a song to be heard-
And the gentle echo or that lonely bird-

Ah! but it is I that will rest and see
How much this earth loves and lives
Just for me.

Would I be its child and nestle in its womb
Or would I pillage its glory and create its tomb
Is it my place in its glory to hurt it’ great might
Or be a part of a great healing – and not of a great fight!

For I chose to be loving and caring today,
I chose to be loyal in a gentle sweet way
As I listen to the rustle of the earthly wind chimes
And lay my soul in its bosom
And my hope with it Lies,
As I pray for anger to dissolve and to die

Come dance the song of life with me
For we live in such beauty and such serenity!

Oh Behold..



Oh behold a flower.

Ah, behold the simple joy of a flower. Let it speak to your heart.
Let it fire your spirit, where hope is not apart
Oh behold it’s tender, and short-lived reign,
A queen for a moment was devoid of hurt and pain.
Oh behold a flower, for in it lies,
The essence of eternity,
With love, hope – at eventide!



Oh when gentle Autumn leaves will fall,
One hears a heart sigh, and gently call…
For Falling leaves and gentle rain
Will cleanse those hearts to help them feel again.

For when the flaming trees set fire,
To rouse your lovers hearts desire,
To play and sing and dance again
The dawn of love, and the resting of it’s pain.

Seasons bring within our souls
The naked joy of love, to make us whole,
And like the wind that touched your window pane,
Love will find a threshold, in your heart, once again.

So let the season ring with joy and gladness,
As we dance with hope and joy and madness,
And let the child within your heart just pray,
…. for hope and love and peace to rise within your heart..
… today !

Blessings to you in the season of love- namaste. Dilani Diva

Gently Autumn

Dilani Diva Image


Love me, oh fire on a tree
Dance with me with non to see,
Save the birds that fly above
To distant lands so full of love
For we must dance and sing and cry
For love with grow and life will surely die.

Love me now oh rustling bow
As you shed your gentle petals now,
and shroud me with your tender touch
Of yesterdays, we loved so much.
And let me laugh and let me give
A smile to those who want to live.

Oh Autumn in your finest coat
Smirk at me with a gentle gloat
For as your leave’s- just float and float
Let me live and let me die
in a single moment and not wonder why?
for life’s mystery within that moment lie.

For I, like you are born to shed
the hurt the pain my mind did wed
and don again in radiant hue
a brand new dress all smart and new
and dance again with your gentle love
To the blessings floating from above.

Breath of Light


breath against the surface, light…
Russel the petals of my soul
dance and radiate in me
Give me bread to make me whole
Reflect upon my chiding mind
and let me not so storm within
but calm the water of my breath
and let me dance and let me sing.

Melt the walls of the hardened hearts
to soften once again with grace
The anger of the restless soul
that clings to life within this space.
Or touch their hearts with love and peace
and give to them a soul to be
Once again with love and light
and dance the dance of eternity
For with that dance they are one and free.

Rainbows and Puddles


I Love a rainbow and a puddle,
One with color and the other, a muddle,
One a smile, the other a tear,
One of beauty and one so drear !

Yes life with all it’s Joy and Pain,
Just helps me be more whole, again…
For without the hurt, no joy remains.

So let me love my rainbow puddle,
For life gives me hugs ! through colorful muddles.

For we are born with love and pain,
Both to grow and both to gain…
And as I through life… and its glory see
Through rainbow puddles … I will grow and be!

Falling For Fall.

Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru  Slender the wind rustles the leaves,
and cradled as they fall…
A carpet Full of Gold and Teal,
The Fragrance of the Autumns peel,
A dawning of the fall.

Oh how my heart within me rise,
With it’s troubles, laid astray….
And dance again with the floating leaves
And to their music sway.

And as the fall Keeps dancing on….
With it’s vibrance  all aglore
May my heart with Love ad Hope…
Be cherished as I grow.

With each day may I love again,
To help the world from Pain,
For we will all but live and die..
And Love and Love again.



Life should be like passing breaths
that give us joy and simple rest .
Like breezes fanning burning brow…
And lovers dancing in the now…
So beautiful then life will be and you and i will now ..
This beauty see

( dedicated to Kev )

Breath of Heaven



Oh but I can love thee,
dancing dreams
eluding to greatness
or, so it seems.

Oh but I can kiss thee
Your tender heart
And know life and love
is one- and not apart.

Oh but I can laugh
to day – just today
and sing with delight
the worlds sadness away.

Oh but I can hold thee
Life’s wondering hand
and guide it to gentleness
to that one- promised land.

Oh but can I dare
To take the arms of love
and rock this crazy crazy world
with heart strings from above.

Oh but then I dare
to give with endless grace
the breath of gentle heaven
fanning earth and wondrous space.

( all copyrights reserved- original poetry by Dilani Diva )