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The Rustle of the Leaves are the wind chimes of heaven,
And the cool breeze a charm ever forgave,
A ripple of a stream, a song to be heard-
And the gentle echo or that lonely bird-

Ah! but it is I that will rest and see
How much this earth loves and lives
Just for me.

Would I be its child and nestle in its womb
Or would I pillage its glory and create its tomb
Is it my place in its glory to hurt it’ great might
Or be a part of a great healing – and not of a great fight!

For I chose to be loving and caring today,
I chose to be loyal in a gentle sweet way
As I listen to the rustle of the earthly wind chimes
And lay my soul in its bosom
And my hope with it Lies,
As I pray for anger to dissolve and to die

Come dance the song of life with me
For we live in such beauty and such serenity!

May Love Find a Home…

May Love Find a Home


Can Love reside..?
When anger rocks within
When hurt and hate find home…
Deep within our breast
Turn then thy thoughts to peace..
Find hearts home with rest.

For even as the stars..
Shine through this cloudless sky..
A storm cloud drifting past
Will shield its beauty from thy eye.
For thus thy heart must have
A clear and peaceful home
For love to find a haven,,,
To Live, and grow and roam.


Dilani Diva

The Journey.

Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru and Psychic
(Thank you for sharing your journey with me)
I am only passing through.
this journey we call life.
I come with nothing great
Save to leave it – a smile.

I hope that in this space,
That as lovers or as friends
We will hold this life with hope
and make a tune that never ends.

I am so grateful now,
For the power of your smile,
For the pain of joy and sorrow
For the dawn of even tide.

And as one day I rest
my souls journey still at hand
Let me leave you with a smile
and a promise of a distant land.

For this is but a journey
That we strive with every breath
That we take with us to heaven
That will live with us in death.

and in your endless journey
May you write your chapter well
with hope, and joy and loving
with Gods blessings and life’s best.
Namaste Dilani Diva

Pearls on the Ocean.

There is Joy in the laughter
There is strength in our tears.
There is hope, ever after……
And deep knowing through the years.

We are free with each moment,
To be what we chose to be,
But the best of those moments
Were when you were here with me.

There are pearls in the ocean,
And the birds flying high..
With the sun of the morning,
Creating roses in the sky.

And if I were to wear them,
Those tender pearls again,
It will be for you my gentle darling
And for love, and joy and pain.

And in this life and after
We must love and love and truly
Love Again !!!!

dedicated to someone special


We are Eternal

We are Eternal
( To you that have touched my heart )

Love, Come to me,
Gently gliding on wings,
Like flocks of birds drawn to the joy of spring…
As I hear their Calling ring…
Ride oh ride dear love…
Within this ocean tide..
And lie within my breath,
And gently “hide”

Fade away, oh love
But you are never gone,
For Life has blessed me with this gift
My simple, little heart to lift,
And sing until the sun is gone..
melted into stardust
until the rise of dawn.

For you are with me
Within the petals of my heart
My one… true love
And within this space and time..
Where love is pained.. or just
your within my heart my soul for ever
For love has no reason..
and Love needs no rhyme.

dedicated to you… that touched my heart.

Namaste. Dilani Diva


Silken Breezes blow…
….on my lovers gentle breast,
For this earth has found her glory,
And I have found my rest.

I sing my lovers story
And within it’s truth abide,
Away from rant and fury
And awake at even tide.

I stand beneath the shadow,
Of your true and lustrous fame,
And in the wake of the morning,
I will dream of you, again.

For no sun can cast its shadow
Or no harvest moon befall,
True Lover’s Joy and Sorrow,
In it’s rising and it’s fall.

For love is a state I be in,
And if you come to stay,
Let us dance, the dance of music,
… and with hope… an ocean sway.

For love is ever lasting
For Love is surely free,
To dance with the birds of the morning,
and sing with the gulls of the sea.

And in the wake of each new breath…..
let love live…. and breath …. and be !

Rock Me Rock Me !


Rock Me, Rock Me gentle angel
Let me find my peace in thee
Bring me songs from Mortal chorus
Laced with a smile and a melody.

During times when stars behold me,
And my heart will sing again,
Let me share with you in gladness,
Chimes from heaven, and gentle rain.

Rock me rock me, gentle jesus,
Let the child in me be still,
So I may love this world I lie in
And be on hope and gentle will.

Rock me Rock me mother mary,
Let thy womb be blessed again,
with hope and joy, and simple gladness
That heals our spirit and drowns our pain.

Rock me, Rock me gentle lover
For with you I leave a single sigh,
Filled with hope and seasons wishes
Bathed with dew at eventide.

…and as this single day is done…
….Rock me with this world.. as one.

Composed by Dilani Diva 14th Dec.2014

Serenity Sunday


Make today be a day of prayer,
With gentle thoughts that fill the air,
May the cool of winter grace your chin,
and the early spring birds start to sing.

May this day be a day of grace,
That dawns a smile upon your face,
and gently touch your beating soul
To make you dance and make you whole.

May you laugh with ardent fire,
That makes your prance, round your desire,
And may the child within you rise,
and meet the world, with much surprise.

Oh that today, we may live again,
Of blessings for ever felt, through joy and pain,
For those that love in-spight of all
To you,… let laughter rise and fall.

And to you, my love, that lies within
my heart.. I leave a kiss today,
For like God who never leaves our path…
In my heart…your never far away.

Dedicated to the “Eternal Spirit of God” -My love,Kevi -My Family – My friends and My Clients.. have a beautiful Sunday..

Namaste. Dilani

Can I Love Thee!


Can I Love thee, my dearest one..
Give you a moment – a moment divine,
In a world worn through waves of charm and scorn,
Casting, burning , Living and Dying…
Through endless …..Chaos and Time.

Can I love thee ! My precious one..
With a gentle touch,
That speaks, of Only what’s given,
and holds within that sacred bounds,
The Candor of a once lost heaven.

Can I love thee ! my charming one…
As your women, lover, Friend….
To know your hearts desire..
and be here for till my earthly end
For you can make me .. and cry…
In a moment spent.

Can I love thee ! my gentle one..
and feel God’s mercy,….grace.
as I touch your face..
For it is not  binding but  freedom that I seek
Born of pain and passion that makes
a heart and soul go week.

To keep you safe within the stillness of my heart,
until one day I am to rest,
beneath a little patch of green, green,grass
In my love for you…I know … I am simply blest.
So I will just say. adieu and,…… thank you


Dedicated to Kevin

Passing Grace



A Dedication to those who have helped us to secure our lands, our hearts, our lives and to those whose name only silently echoes in the history of time… My prayers and thoughts are with you. Namaste. Dilani Diva

Hark !!!! Ye lustrous land,
Where memories, Cascade, Fall…..
and hear again the raven bird,
Scream, his lonely call.

The groves of green, on fallen plain,
and hands the tilled this earth,
Lie captured in a shadowed plain,
and in the mornings birth.

Oh, let the cries of young and old,
who held that stick and sword,
Be thought of with a tender breath….
Within hearts, of bold.

And may their courage linger on,
As memories remain,
Of laughter, love and endless song…..
Upon the rock and plain.

And may the lives of those who gave,
Their Hearts… Their Home….. Their Heaven……
Be held within Gods Kindly grace..
And in their death, be then, forgiven.

Dilani Diva