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Serenity Sunday


Make today be a day of prayer,
With gentle thoughts that fill the air,
May the cool of winter grace your chin,
and the early spring birds start to sing.

May this day be a day of grace,
That dawns a smile upon your face,
and gently touch your beating soul
To make you dance and make you whole.

May you laugh with ardent fire,
That makes your prance, round your desire,
And may the child within you rise,
and meet the world, with much surprise.

Oh that today, we may live again,
Of blessings for ever felt, through joy and pain,
For those that love in-spight of all
To you,… let laughter rise and fall.

And to you, my love, that lies within
my heart.. I leave a kiss today,
For like God who never leaves our path…
In my heart…your never far away.

Dedicated to the “Eternal Spirit of God” -My love,Kevi -My Family – My friends and My Clients.. have a beautiful Sunday..

Namaste. Dilani