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Can I Love Thee!


Can I Love thee, my dearest one..
Give you a moment – a moment divine,
In a world worn through waves of charm and scorn,
Casting, burning , Living and Dying…
Through endless …..Chaos and Time.

Can I love thee ! My precious one..
With a gentle touch,
That speaks, of Only what’s given,
and holds within that sacred bounds,
The Candor of a once lost heaven.

Can I love thee ! my charming one…
As your women, lover, Friend….
To know your hearts desire..
and be here for till my earthly end
For you can make me .. and cry…
In a moment spent.

Can I love thee ! my gentle one..
and feel God’s mercy,….grace.
as I touch your face..
For it is not  binding but  freedom that I seek
Born of pain and passion that makes
a heart and soul go week.

To keep you safe within the stillness of my heart,
until one day I am to rest,
beneath a little patch of green, green,grass
In my love for you…I know … I am simply blest.
So I will just say. adieu and,…… thank you


Dedicated to Kevin