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Breath of Heaven



Oh but I can love thee,
dancing dreams
eluding to greatness
or, so it seems.

Oh but I can kiss thee
Your tender heart
And know life and love
is one- and not apart.

Oh but I can laugh
to day – just today
and sing with delight
the worlds sadness away.

Oh but I can hold thee
Life’s wondering hand
and guide it to gentleness
to that one- promised land.

Oh but can I dare
To take the arms of love
and rock this crazy crazy world
with heart strings from above.

Oh but then I dare
to give with endless grace
the breath of gentle heaven
fanning earth and wondrous space.

( all copyrights reserved- original poetry by Dilani Diva )

Serenity Sunday


Make today be a day of prayer,
With gentle thoughts that fill the air,
May the cool of winter grace your chin,
and the early spring birds start to sing.

May this day be a day of grace,
That dawns a smile upon your face,
and gently touch your beating soul
To make you dance and make you whole.

May you laugh with ardent fire,
That makes your prance, round your desire,
And may the child within you rise,
and meet the world, with much surprise.

Oh that today, we may live again,
Of blessings for ever felt, through joy and pain,
For those that love in-spight of all
To you,… let laughter rise and fall.

And to you, my love, that lies within
my heart.. I leave a kiss today,
For like God who never leaves our path…
In my heart…your never far away.

Dedicated to the “Eternal Spirit of God” -My love,Kevi -My Family – My friends and My Clients.. have a beautiful Sunday..

Namaste. Dilani

Passing Grace



A Dedication to those who have helped us to secure our lands, our hearts, our lives and to those whose name only silently echoes in the history of time… My prayers and thoughts are with you. Namaste. Dilani Diva

Hark !!!! Ye lustrous land,
Where memories, Cascade, Fall…..
and hear again the raven bird,
Scream, his lonely call.

The groves of green, on fallen plain,
and hands the tilled this earth,
Lie captured in a shadowed plain,
and in the mornings birth.

Oh, let the cries of young and old,
who held that stick and sword,
Be thought of with a tender breath….
Within hearts, of bold.

And may their courage linger on,
As memories remain,
Of laughter, love and endless song…..
Upon the rock and plain.

And may the lives of those who gave,
Their Hearts… Their Home….. Their Heaven……
Be held within Gods Kindly grace..
And in their death, be then, forgiven.

Dilani Diva


Fire Flies

When summer dies and you must fly away

like a little breeze that touched my heart to stay

and in the night as the moonlight strikes the wall

I will feel you smile and here a lonely call


There are those I have held and I have loved.

and there are those so gentle

like feathers from above

and then there was you

and just for a minute for a while

My heart just longed to touch your face and see you smile.



and you know I wont have it any other way

even a little pain that says

that you may never stay..

you touched my heart,

and in that single moment I just knelt to pray…..


thank you, my lover who I may never see

but one day in a song will somewhere come to me

and the wind will carry this lonely melody

to you my darling, where ever in life

you may be.

Live the Life baby

Fear not, as summer brings joy and sadness,
Empower your hearts with tripe and madness,
Don’t hide from the sun
Burst out in spirit,
have fun.
For you are so much better than a tree
that has not hands to move
Or eyes to see
So don’t be just despondent be.

Love your self and mirth will give
a joyous place in your heart to live.
Trip it. Lip it. Sip it,
Don’t be afraid to dream,
with wondrous voice
and an echoing scream.
No one can take your dream away
Only your sadness, today.

So learn to live with moments given
Or better still.
Steal with Joy.
This earthly Heaven.

The Raven


Black form so strongly poised on crest of tree,

Why has earth held back it’s beauty from thee,

To done you with a coat of the night,

That shields you in the moons glowing light

Oh Raven, heaven must surely see,

Even in life and death, Grief or zest

You are free !!!!!


Your eyes a reflection of death

Makes me hold my weary breath

and yet you wantonly glide

as sin in your darkened heart

you hide….

How shamelessly you caw with glee

and steal my life with all it’s

Joy and needless prosperity.


Oh Raven, with thy vicious silken coat,

Stand upon my fence to gloat,

For evil has clothed you at thy birth,

with cawing laughter full of endless mirth,

Though darkness to our lives you bring,

Your eyes only behold fun and silly things,


How lucky you are in flight

To be cast away from your vision

of hideous sight,

So your life must surely be

One of roaming, daft and free


while you caw and caw, still untouched

by the calls of growing and dying humanity.


How can life with such beauty hold

Your wicked story ever told.


So fly away Mr. Raven

For you have christened death

In a pure crystal bed of heaven.


And laugh at me as you roam

and share this earth which is our common home.

Oh What a Morning.

Each day I wake to greet the morn,
To feel the sun just gently dawn,
Or to feel that gentle rain,
Rustle against the window pain

The coffee in my pot doth brew
With great aromas, all is new !
As the colors of my garden fall,
to create shadows on the wall.

The tender breeze doth rise again,
To cool those lonely hearts from pain,
As the love of some will rise,
to blow against that wintry tides.

And as the day to you doth bring
A song of Love your heart to sing,
I wish you well with a warming soul,
That God grants your love, to make you whole.

Even through the tides of stress,
He reaches out to you, to bless.
As I leave you with the morning song,
With Sunshine, Hope and a Brand new dawn.


Dilani Diva

A Place Called Home


Poetry Inspired by my visit to Sri Lanka

I walked along a lonely beach
with the wind in my long hair,
To hear the thrust of roaring waves
Making music in the air.

The simple warmth of gentle tide
Slipped deep within my toes
And a simple salted little breeze
Tickled my gentle nose.

Tiny shells lay left behind
The Curling, Furling waves,
That threw them on the ocean bed
As back to home they fled.

They lay against the washed up life
Of man, and rock and thorn,
And though their life on earth was done,
A new hope here was simply born.

Tall trees that lined the rocks
Were the guardians for the land,
And as those little turtles crawled,
Just dancing in the sand.

Chasing that lonely, tiny worm,
That nestled deep within,
Trying its best to blend with rest
and save itself from sin.

I watched as lonely boatmen came
To lay their weary nets,
Dragging those multicolored boats,
To their one day or blissful rest.

And as the little urchins ran,
To greet them with the dawn,
The golden rays of sunlit hit
And a new day on earth was born.

The sea, the sand, the wind the air,
were one as I did roam
And formed a shelter in my heart
In a place that I called home.


Dilani Diva


The ode to a blessed Morning.



I am blessed with new dorning each day,
The feeling of new birth that comes my way,

Merrily dancing as I pray
Oh for that blessed morning.

The fall of dew from the bright blue sky
and the sound of birds that wake to fly
High oh high in the eastern sky
Oh for that blessed morning.

I am blessed with a brand new start,
with each dawn to be as I ort,
old memories sift away today
Oh for that blessed morning.

Was God so kind that he would see
How much this newness means to me,
So I may be loved and trouble free
Oh what a blessed morning.

So take each dawn with inward sigh
For your spirit now can soar so high
For each day you are born to rise
Oh what a blessed morning.

So live each day with a song renewed.
Of love and hope and joy pursued,
and your life will be with love endured
Oh what a blessed morning.

Ode to Earth Mother




Oh beautiful Thy Flowers Spread,

In Purple Yellow Pink and red,

With grass that is green

So fit for a queen

and Roses so red

that line the luscious bed.

Oh little bee
That sings by the flowering tree
Your song so sweetly you sing
hiding now your little vicious sting
that you gladly part
whenever you feel a silver dart
tearing at your little tiny heart.

On sunflowers bloom
to take away our natures gloom
Never a moments rest
as nature lays it’s head
on it’s mighty breast
and cradle in it’s hands
it’s gentle creatures
of many distant lands.

Bath me oh gentle rain
and quench my thirst
as you heal your mothers thirst and pain
let your slinky fingers
nurse and nourish
the parched domain
and fell the demons
that dwell in dust and grit and grain.

I am so bless to lay
my little head again to day
upon your breast
i need to rest
and enjoy your awesome color
for You are truly
my best and dearest
ever lasting mother
and in thee I rest.
Knowing That I am truly blessed.