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A Place Called Home


Poetry Inspired by my visit to Sri Lanka

I walked along a lonely beach
with the wind in my long hair,
To hear the thrust of roaring waves
Making music in the air.

The simple warmth of gentle tide
Slipped deep within my toes
And a simple salted little breeze
Tickled my gentle nose.

Tiny shells lay left behind
The Curling, Furling waves,
That threw them on the ocean bed
As back to home they fled.

They lay against the washed up life
Of man, and rock and thorn,
And though their life on earth was done,
A new hope here was simply born.

Tall trees that lined the rocks
Were the guardians for the land,
And as those little turtles crawled,
Just dancing in the sand.

Chasing that lonely, tiny worm,
That nestled deep within,
Trying its best to blend with rest
and save itself from sin.

I watched as lonely boatmen came
To lay their weary nets,
Dragging those multicolored boats,
To their one day or blissful rest.

And as the little urchins ran,
To greet them with the dawn,
The golden rays of sunlit hit
And a new day on earth was born.

The sea, the sand, the wind the air,
were one as I did roam
And formed a shelter in my heart
In a place that I called home.


Dilani Diva