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The Raven


Black form so strongly poised on crest of tree,

Why has earth held back it’s beauty from thee,

To done you with a coat of the night,

That shields you in the moons glowing light

Oh Raven, heaven must surely see,

Even in life and death, Grief or zest

You are free !!!!!


Your eyes a reflection of death

Makes me hold my weary breath

and yet you wantonly glide

as sin in your darkened heart

you hide….

How shamelessly you caw with glee

and steal my life with all it’s

Joy and needless prosperity.


Oh Raven, with thy vicious silken coat,

Stand upon my fence to gloat,

For evil has clothed you at thy birth,

with cawing laughter full of endless mirth,

Though darkness to our lives you bring,

Your eyes only behold fun and silly things,


How lucky you are in flight

To be cast away from your vision

of hideous sight,

So your life must surely be

One of roaming, daft and free


while you caw and caw, still untouched

by the calls of growing and dying humanity.


How can life with such beauty hold

Your wicked story ever told.


So fly away Mr. Raven

For you have christened death

In a pure crystal bed of heaven.


And laugh at me as you roam

and share this earth which is our common home.

I am a Cat


I am a cat,
Now fancy that,
with a tail as long a a kite !
I guard my home
So that non could roam….
Strong and Tall,
Up on the wall,
I look below,
On lowly beings,
And swish my tail,
For I am queen.

Prrr I say,
just love having life my way.

I am told I am mean and clean
and cute sometimes
How I can be,
All of that and more
It must be my flair
My supreme air,
How beautiful my fur must be
As I lick it down for all to see.

With my pretty fluffy coat,
I sit and sit and gloat.
I know it’s foolish pride
But I love the way I look
when I glance in that pool of dew
I feel so pretty
Oh so pretty.
I know I must sound so vain,
But it should not cause you pain.
For I am a cat
Just fancy that.

Now as you may know
I was born to endure
So not a peep
as I must creep
Amidst the ruddy thorns
To catch the poor unsuspecting mouse
Who thinks my turf can be his house !!!!

Nonsense I say with my tail all array,
Fluffed to the hilt
With my tail in a tilt
As I spy, before I pounce.
For I shall guard my own,
From creatures so unknown
and besides my looks I have to say
I am great in every way.
For I am a cat….
just fancy that!




( poetry of the soul )

Gentle love
Gentle thoughts,
Gentle deeds.


Build my spirit,
Heal my heart,
Give me wings to rise high
with great spead.


Never more
To hurt, and cry
Never more
To make another



When all of creation
Doth sigh.
We are only passing by

In time…


Till we reach the better place
Filled with grace.
So give me a heart
That is healing and

But mostly

But mostly
filled with beauty
and kindness
as a new born child.


I wish this every
To be fresh and ready.
and reborn.
In spirit let me be
Clean and pure, tender


Like Thee.

written by
Dilani Diva
24th Sept. 2010