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Oh What a Morning.

Each day I wake to greet the morn,
To feel the sun just gently dawn,
Or to feel that gentle rain,
Rustle against the window pain

The coffee in my pot doth brew
With great aromas, all is new !
As the colors of my garden fall,
to create shadows on the wall.

The tender breeze doth rise again,
To cool those lonely hearts from pain,
As the love of some will rise,
to blow against that wintry tides.

And as the day to you doth bring
A song of Love your heart to sing,
I wish you well with a warming soul,
That God grants your love, to make you whole.

Even through the tides of stress,
He reaches out to you, to bless.
As I leave you with the morning song,
With Sunshine, Hope and a Brand new dawn.


Dilani Diva