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Ode to Earth Mother




Oh beautiful Thy Flowers Spread,

In Purple Yellow Pink and red,

With grass that is green

So fit for a queen

and Roses so red

that line the luscious bed.

Oh little bee
That sings by the flowering tree
Your song so sweetly you sing
hiding now your little vicious sting
that you gladly part
whenever you feel a silver dart
tearing at your little tiny heart.

On sunflowers bloom
to take away our natures gloom
Never a moments rest
as nature lays it’s head
on it’s mighty breast
and cradle in it’s hands
it’s gentle creatures
of many distant lands.

Bath me oh gentle rain
and quench my thirst
as you heal your mothers thirst and pain
let your slinky fingers
nurse and nourish
the parched domain
and fell the demons
that dwell in dust and grit and grain.

I am so bless to lay
my little head again to day
upon your breast
i need to rest
and enjoy your awesome color
for You are truly
my best and dearest
ever lasting mother
and in thee I rest.
Knowing That I am truly blessed.