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Dearest Mother

Mothers Day

Dearest Mother.


How beautiful you are in your beauty,

God’s endless blessing

Like the mother earth,

To help life begin, reside.

Within your gentle womb.

and slowly hide.

Only to flower in the spring,

and sing and sing and sing.

How gracious must you be.

To love and hold a little helpless creature

that once was me.


You will hold back the tears,

the hunger for shelter,

and hold thy baby dear,

despite it all.

gently rocking her child.

Defending the life she bore.

Strong, Serene…

A Queen.

Blessed art thou today, and will always be.

The queen of my creation.

The pillar of resounding hope, and salvation.

For life and love, in the mighty world does rest,

within your womb and breast.

I am grateful to you, oh mother

dear one

loved one

my shelter.

My hope

my light

May God in his mercy give you peace and rest

As you let life lie, rocked against they gentle breast,

and as each dawn did wake and see

May the peace and joy of love be with you

Now, and through all eternity.