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Oh vibrant Spring…
You silly ol’ thing,
You prance round me like a fawn,
And play your gentle music
Embracing me at dawn.

Do you feel, I could lay in your deep shadows of resonance,
And laugh at the birds and the breeze,
as they make love;
Nestled deep in the grass and high in the trees.

Ah! dear spring your surely must be..
a player, or a true lover,
For you have made a monkey of my heart,
And such a fool of me.

For as the winter of my soul gently ebbs away,
You fly right in like a dove,
and sing with the morn, never fading like me pain,
For my one true love with winter has slowly gone,
and you dear spring has danced right in with a happy little song.

So give me courage to face your vibrant hues
and waken in my heart a song of love renewed,
As you feed us all with your gentle dew
Oh help me my dear one to be
Strong gentle and true,

A lover of  color and song

Just like you !

Ever since I was a little child poetry music painting and creating was a huge part of my life. It is what gave me great joy. I am happy to be able to share some of my original work with you. All poems and prose that are found in my blog are original works. Some of which has been inspired by many of my clients and friends. I thank you for being my inspiration and today I dedicate this verse to you and say a simple
Thank you.