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Gods Angels

You are Gods angels,
With gentle wings that's full of love,
Sent to care and truly cherish
Like god himself
From up above.

You have touched the hearts of many,
You take the time to love and care,
No matter what this life may bring us
You are constant, always there.

There is ring of joy that you carry
Gently held within your soul
And those lives that cross your threshold
You bath their wounds
And make them whole.

I am truly blessed to know you
For I have seen your gentle ways
That help enlighten a yearning spirit
That longs to grow beyond it's days.

Oh dear angel that shrouds my spirit
I thank you now for all your love
May heaven grant your simple wishes
As you share your endless grace
For ever and ever
In that waste eternal, heavenly space.
Blessed by God through love and grace