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Blossoms so rare

Oh burst forth from thy withered bow
Great bunches of pink color
Lightly resting,
Till the warmth of the noonday sun
Seems to have it’s fun
And give you such a wonderful cheer
As it caresses your gentle spirit so dear.
For you are born to lighten
This dark world, so drear
With your gentle
Spring colors of cheer.

Did God in his mercy see
How you bestowed a simple thought of pleasure
To me,
Am I so blessed
That I can rest
While this world seem to reap and heap
With pain and hunger, oh so deep

Let them too share
This simple blossom I hold so rare,
For there is a thought from heaven
To us simply
For we must create on this earth
A heaven.

For it is here
With simple blossoms so lovely and dear
Falling down

To replace your tear, your fear,
And love today as the spring doth dawn
To embrace,
Life and love and grace
Each morn.

And let the hurt of life be forgotten
As we embrace the simple creation, of that single blossom.