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Rippling Water…
dance your waves on the shore,
With gulls that glide at eventide,
Don’t hide your love of earth as day begins,
crash and swoon and glide…
golden sand beneath your shimmer of gown
gently now – doth hide.

Gentle wind,
Come play your earthly song,
Chime within the rustle of trees
Or the hum of that buzzing bee,
Wrap thy gentle arms round me, tenderly.
Heal my heart from my own wounded pride
and within my soul
rest and abide.

Little bird
That rest upon that tree
Flying high, flying far, flying free…
Seek your true “hearts mate” with joy
feel no fear
For love doth bind your heart with his
hope that is ever dear.

Little Child,
Run and play today
Safe from the anger of this world
As sweetness within your heart doth lay…
Don’t let life steal your dream
To be that angel and that gentle queen,
So love my dear little one
and sleep with peace
when this day is done.

For we are all but in love… one.
and I pray within this moment be,
God bless this earth
with true.

Dilani Diva