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Give me a morning

Give me a morning, my darling, when the light hits the sky,
When the sun finds its dawning,
When the clouds pass us by,
Where I lay still awaking
….and see your gentle face,
That rest within my memory
Of a special private space.

Give me a morning darling,
When I fear no loss of heart,
Where I know today and it’s making
Will not keep us far apart,
For as the gentle longings
Of the dawn begins to break,
I know within my spirit
Your smile will find it’s wake.

Let me this morning darling
help to heal this world
Of it’s songs of endless crying
and the pain of screaming birth…!!!!
Of the land so torn with hatred
Of a sea of endless pain,
Give me a morning darling
That will be full of LOVE again.

Give me a morning darling
Let us sing a song of love
As we each, will bring the hopeless
to a place of heaven above
For this earth is but a cradle
For those who need to heal
From the silent wounds disabled
And the Power of Love revealed.

So give me a morning darling
That I can help some lonely child
As I wrap my arms around him
and smile deep into his eye.
And when the day is over
and we both doth lay to rest
Give me an evening Jesus
I know in my heart was truly blest.

Thank you for all the love we have shared.
You have made my life better.
By just being there.

and I am grateful.

Dedicated to the children of the world and my love Kevi.