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The healing of the “Hurting Heart”

Does it hurt to sing?
When spring comes in..
Painting the world with gentle color,
Love me love me, gentle lover.
and touch those hearts that are broken,
For this season is a lovers token.

Dance now in your heart,
Even though sometimes the light of love
eludes you.
It is not far apart,
Only hiding to welcome you  in it’s arms,
and caress you with it’s dainty little charms.
So try and let your heart sing.
and welcome the tender love of spring.

I know how hard it must feel
If your lover is gone
Or your heart is torn,
Like a little wounded bird you will fly
High in the open sky,
But don’t run away,
Don’t cry
For love will find you.
In the light of dawn
and love you once more, till your pain is gone.

For to me there is much healing
Much revealing of love this season.
and let it reign without much reason.
and as the colors of gentle hue
paint your soul with all it’s dew.
Sing again with the gentle breeze
For your lover will see
The beautiful you
the wonderful me.
and with the singing of your heart
a new day is born
and with the dawn of spring.
Don’t cry
But let your heart, just once more

Written and composed by Dilani Diva

Warmth of Heaven

Fly, like a butterfly,
On wings so light,
In constant flight
Smiling with wondrous cheer,
For you are loved, my dear.

Drop your hair like a luscious mane,
Swing it wild with your head held high,
You may be indeed so vain,
But who cares!
For today it is your show
Dance and sing and laugh as on the road you go.

Feel like a rose,
In beautiful repose,
Dress in the color that would never die,
With the passion that you feel inside.

Remember that if we are to live this life
Do not hide,
Just burst forth with thy ardent beauty,
Crash life’s party,
It is to you,
A simple duty.
Just simply live
Thy beauty.

Warmth of Heaven


Sunlight upon my cheek,
Makes me feel love, makes me weak,
For a new feel of joy as it rests,
Silently born within my humble breast.

With the glowing warmth of dawn,
Another grieving night was gone,
And as the lonely bird did rise,
High, oh high, in the endless skies,
I pray for love to live, and grief to gently die.

Fast in the breast of the winsome dove,
Rises the spirit of endless love,
For in the breath of the growing dawn,
Love is once more, truly born.

To face another endless day,
Creating hope along it’s way,
Let God in his mercy grant, Oh grant me..
The Hope, The Heart, The love,…
And as my heart sings of this love so given
In  a single breath in the warmth of heaven.

Written By Dilani Diva

15th January 2011

I am a Cat


I am a cat,
Now fancy that,
with a tail as long a a kite !
I guard my home
So that non could roam….
Strong and Tall,
Up on the wall,
I look below,
On lowly beings,
And swish my tail,
For I am queen.

Prrr I say,
just love having life my way.

I am told I am mean and clean
and cute sometimes
How I can be,
All of that and more
It must be my flair
My supreme air,
How beautiful my fur must be
As I lick it down for all to see.

With my pretty fluffy coat,
I sit and sit and gloat.
I know it’s foolish pride
But I love the way I look
when I glance in that pool of dew
I feel so pretty
Oh so pretty.
I know I must sound so vain,
But it should not cause you pain.
For I am a cat
Just fancy that.

Now as you may know
I was born to endure
So not a peep
as I must creep
Amidst the ruddy thorns
To catch the poor unsuspecting mouse
Who thinks my turf can be his house !!!!

Nonsense I say with my tail all array,
Fluffed to the hilt
With my tail in a tilt
As I spy, before I pounce.
For I shall guard my own,
From creatures so unknown
and besides my looks I have to say
I am great in every way.
For I am a cat….
just fancy that!




( poetry of the soul )

Gentle love
Gentle thoughts,
Gentle deeds.


Build my spirit,
Heal my heart,
Give me wings to rise high
with great spead.


Never more
To hurt, and cry
Never more
To make another



When all of creation
Doth sigh.
We are only passing by

In time…


Till we reach the better place
Filled with grace.
So give me a heart
That is healing and

But mostly

But mostly
filled with beauty
and kindness
as a new born child.


I wish this every
To be fresh and ready.
and reborn.
In spirit let me be
Clean and pure, tender


Like Thee.

written by
Dilani Diva
24th Sept. 2010

The Power to Love



Dearest God today
Give me some joy along life’s way.
Keep my heart away from pain,
and let me not shed tears in vain,
Let there me a simple song
That warms my heart within
and let it keep my lonely heart
Full of love, away from sin.
Let my words today be pure
Like a sound of a distant bell
and as the winds of pain does storm
hold me close within your arms.
and to me some lovely little story tell.
Let me count my blessings fine
as I think of you today
and as the dark doth come tonight
let me love you through the light
and deep into the night
But most of all dear God today
Look to me from above
and grant me this one single wish
the power,
The gentle Power to Love.

written by
Dlani Diva 20th sep. 2010

The Dream

If I could dream.
With childlike emotions
endless, falling, stars that will simple be.
Beautiful and true just for me.

If I can yearn
For all the peace of gladness
For hunger to abate
and simplicity be

If I can love
again through all the changes
and help someone
each day
with sincerity.

then I will be simply,
better, kinder and somehow wiser
In spite of it all and even in spite of me.

So I dream
Just let me dream
now and forever.

Written By
Dilani 20th August 2010

Without Anger.

Not everything in life is always beautiful or fair.
However, how we handle it can simply get us there.
To where to want to be.
Simple, we will see.
Protect our hearts from anger,
Embrace Serenity.

If I could be like a little bird today,
Fly high in the sky,
I would drop little bits of love
From the heavens above.
And be

Loving, kind and giving,
From anger,
That is how I would love my heart,
My Spirit,
My Soul
to be.

Beyond Words

Silken Dilani Diva

Melody, let my mind create and speak,
the wisdom of the kindly one’s
Gently resting kind intent on petals
Softly speaking like the little breeze
rustling now the trees.
Kindly let me embrace again the song of healing
Peace. Grace. Give . Love.
Not longing. Only being.
Simple. yet living and not dying…
For in my words will live the power to be
All loving through time
So sublime.
So grant me in thy wisdom or wise spirit
The humility to be
a smiling gentle word
on that lonely ear
as i fly from tree to tree.
and if you could mold my spirit.
You will surely set me free.

Sexy Love

Sexy Love

Dance with me under the new moon,
Fling away your gloom,
Never ever fear,
That Love is never near.

Never wish for it to part.
For like music it is a part of your spirit and a foothold in your heart.
For all those faces that adorn your memory,
Have given you your strength through lonely adversity.

Love is never all serious or shy,
Or mad, sad or totally glad.
For it is all of it. Great . Sexy and even quite mad !

Instead it will shoot you to the stars.
to love and live.
and humbly give.
So let me not be.
a Miss Prissy on a tree.

and be all mournful, and melancholy….
but dance with the moon.

Oh sexy love. Oh sexy love
For with the plume of a native bird.
I will adorn my naked breast,

as I hide beneath a lonely stone and rest.

But when the dawn doth come.
With passion I will stand and gently touch your hand.
Oh sexy love and me
will be  one through eternity.

For in every heart there is always one.
That makes you laugh and cry.
That makes you stronger. wiser and you wonder why.
The answer is in your spirit.

So reach within and high.
and love your self. No matter what …

For once again does  sexy love.
Sleep and then awake.
and my heart with passion, doth  truly take.
wake, wake. wake,
like manna from above.

Reside in me and abide with me.

You saucy sexy love.