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Falling For Fall.

Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru  Slender the wind rustles the leaves,
and cradled as they fall…
A carpet Full of Gold and Teal,
The Fragrance of the Autumns peel,
A dawning of the fall.

Oh how my heart within me rise,
With it’s troubles, laid astray….
And dance again with the floating leaves
And to their music sway.

And as the fall Keeps dancing on….
With it’s vibrance  all aglore
May my heart with Love ad Hope…
Be cherished as I grow.

With each day may I love again,
To help the world from Pain,
For we will all but live and die..
And Love and Love again.



Freedom, does love bind you
with ropes of thoughts
where your heart must beat
against the bounds of human mind
and ways this world is sort.

Does love let you fly
with wings that glide
from within thy breast, to rest
or do you feel as if you lay
under the stone of life, today.

If I were to love thee
to see you smile, would be the bliss
that I wont miss
and even though our lives may stray
my heart with you
will stay.

as my eyes in time will see
the changes through the lens of me.
may love in humbled heart with time .
be simple be


Oh Touch me gentle thoughts
Transcend in me a smile
to dance and cry like
Like lovers aught
oh give me hope
when life is fraught….
Oh gentle thought for you must be
A parent to my soul and me.
For within the boundary of thy grace
lies the mystic wondrous place
where I can be
just me


You are my anchor –
without you i dream, no dreams .
I am tossed in a sea with no guiding star.
Yet when we speak a star appears … dancing twinkling and light sheds on the water … And i find my way to shore .

Namaste. Dilani Diva


They speak to me
Voices in the evening sky
Rustling in my ear, as they pass me by
To smile, to dance to bring some cheer
But non to touch my heart 
You held , so dear. 

Chapters of voices
Just to quell,
 my singing soul
Only you know so well

One day true love you will understand 
Only your heart touched my soul, and held my hand ...

Until that day comes again
Lonely voices will be my home, my lover or just...
my friend  !

Namaste. Dilani Diva



Pain, though does shelter me,
Dampen my breaking heart
with non, but me to feel and see
Do I crash against the floor
or dart out that door
but I think I will linger on today
For love will surely come along this restless way.
To stay.

But it is also a time to be of great courage.
For we are creatures that will feel,
we will experience,
we will endure
We are born to  into  this body for a reason
and all emotions have its life and flailing season.
Be not afraid of what we feel
For in it lies the learning
That is our souls point of turning
From the darkening
to an eternal awakening.

Dilani Diva

Can I Love Thee!


Can I Love thee, my dearest one..
Give you a moment – a moment divine,
In a world worn through waves of charm and scorn,
Casting, burning , Living and Dying…
Through endless …..Chaos and Time.

Can I love thee ! My precious one..
With a gentle touch,
That speaks, of Only what’s given,
and holds within that sacred bounds,
The Candor of a once lost heaven.

Can I love thee ! my charming one…
As your women, lover, Friend….
To know your hearts desire..
and be here for till my earthly end
For you can make me .. and cry…
In a moment spent.

Can I love thee ! my gentle one..
and feel God’s mercy,….grace.
as I touch your face..
For it is not  binding but  freedom that I seek
Born of pain and passion that makes
a heart and soul go week.

To keep you safe within the stillness of my heart,
until one day I am to rest,
beneath a little patch of green, green,grass
In my love for you…I know … I am simply blest.
So I will just say. adieu and,…… thank you


Dedicated to Kevin

Passing Grace



A Dedication to those who have helped us to secure our lands, our hearts, our lives and to those whose name only silently echoes in the history of time… My prayers and thoughts are with you. Namaste. Dilani Diva

Hark !!!! Ye lustrous land,
Where memories, Cascade, Fall…..
and hear again the raven bird,
Scream, his lonely call.

The groves of green, on fallen plain,
and hands the tilled this earth,
Lie captured in a shadowed plain,
and in the mornings birth.

Oh, let the cries of young and old,
who held that stick and sword,
Be thought of with a tender breath….
Within hearts, of bold.

And may their courage linger on,
As memories remain,
Of laughter, love and endless song…..
Upon the rock and plain.

And may the lives of those who gave,
Their Hearts… Their Home….. Their Heaven……
Be held within Gods Kindly grace..
And in their death, be then, forgiven.

Dilani Diva


Give me a morning

Give me a morning, my darling, when the light hits the sky,
When the sun finds its dawning,
When the clouds pass us by,
Where I lay still awaking
….and see your gentle face,
That rest within my memory
Of a special private space.

Give me a morning darling,
When I fear no loss of heart,
Where I know today and it’s making
Will not keep us far apart,
For as the gentle longings
Of the dawn begins to break,
I know within my spirit
Your smile will find it’s wake.

Let me this morning darling
help to heal this world
Of it’s songs of endless crying
and the pain of screaming birth…!!!!
Of the land so torn with hatred
Of a sea of endless pain,
Give me a morning darling
That will be full of LOVE again.

Give me a morning darling
Let us sing a song of love
As we each, will bring the hopeless
to a place of heaven above
For this earth is but a cradle
For those who need to heal
From the silent wounds disabled
And the Power of Love revealed.

So give me a morning darling
That I can help some lonely child
As I wrap my arms around him
and smile deep into his eye.
And when the day is over
and we both doth lay to rest
Give me an evening Jesus
I know in my heart was truly blest.

Thank you for all the love we have shared.
You have made my life better.
By just being there.

and I am grateful.

Dedicated to the children of the world and my love Kevi.

Remember That YOU ARE…

Remember that you are Beautiful

Special, in-fact !

One of a kind, Fancy that …..

Even in all creation there will never be

Another quite like you or me…

Remember that through all the rain,

The sun does shine once again.

And even as the birds do fly,

There never seems to be, the end of the world,

Just endless SKY….

Remember that you are precious

ALMOST… perfect,

Maybe not quite,

But never forget the fact

That God made you special.

Just fancy that !!!!!

and as the sky turns from blue to amber.

Just rest ponder, and remember.