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Heart Songs

Dilani Diva

The Breath of the Season-
( Songs for the Soul – by Dilani Diva )

In this time of year
When songs sing so dear,
May your heart be untroubled
And your thoughts be free….
This eve, if your lonely
When the snow flakes falls
And the touch of a sweet angel
Surely hear your hearts call.

May this time of year
Bring a smile from a stranger
Bring a thought of simple pleasure
Of some holly and a tree
And if you are lonely
May the touch of an angel
Keep you heart from  crying
and set your sadness free

In this time of year
Know that someone loves you
Even though their presence
In your life seems so apart
May you know their arms
that once did want to hold you
Though not so close in body
In spirit, are not apart

May this gentle message
Keep you safe my dear one
For where ever you may wonder
On this earth to find loves quest
Your heart is safe with angels
who will guide and hold you.
From dawn of every moment
To the death of every breath.

May thoughts and prayers are with you all today.

Dilani Diva

Gently Autumn

Dilani Diva Image


Love me, oh fire on a tree
Dance with me with non to see,
Save the birds that fly above
To distant lands so full of love
For we must dance and sing and cry
For love with grow and life will surely die.

Love me now oh rustling bow
As you shed your gentle petals now,
and shroud me with your tender touch
Of yesterdays, we loved so much.
And let me laugh and let me give
A smile to those who want to live.

Oh Autumn in your finest coat
Smirk at me with a gentle gloat
For as your leave’s- just float and float
Let me live and let me die
in a single moment and not wonder why?
for life’s mystery within that moment lie.

For I, like you are born to shed
the hurt the pain my mind did wed
and don again in radiant hue
a brand new dress all smart and new
and dance again with your gentle love
To the blessings floating from above.

Breath of Light


breath against the surface, light…
Russel the petals of my soul
dance and radiate in me
Give me bread to make me whole
Reflect upon my chiding mind
and let me not so storm within
but calm the water of my breath
and let me dance and let me sing.

Melt the walls of the hardened hearts
to soften once again with grace
The anger of the restless soul
that clings to life within this space.
Or touch their hearts with love and peace
and give to them a soul to be
Once again with love and light
and dance the dance of eternity
For with that dance they are one and free.


The laughter of a child,
Simple, dancing…
Like a bird that is free
Like a flutter of a bumble bee,
Let my heart dance.
Set my soul free

Then within sounds so pure,
I will feel my life be,
To live… and love
and not just..

Dilani Diva.

Rainbows and Puddles


I Love a rainbow and a puddle,
One with color and the other, a muddle,
One a smile, the other a tear,
One of beauty and one so drear !

Yes life with all it’s Joy and Pain,
Just helps me be more whole, again…
For without the hurt, no joy remains.

So let me love my rainbow puddle,
For life gives me hugs ! through colorful muddles.

For we are born with love and pain,
Both to grow and both to gain…
And as I through life… and its glory see
Through rainbow puddles … I will grow and be!

Falling For Fall.

Dilani Diva Spiritual Guru  Slender the wind rustles the leaves,
and cradled as they fall…
A carpet Full of Gold and Teal,
The Fragrance of the Autumns peel,
A dawning of the fall.

Oh how my heart within me rise,
With it’s troubles, laid astray….
And dance again with the floating leaves
And to their music sway.

And as the fall Keeps dancing on….
With it’s vibrance  all aglore
May my heart with Love ad Hope…
Be cherished as I grow.

With each day may I love again,
To help the world from Pain,
For we will all but live and die..
And Love and Love again.


Sound Of Silence

How beautiful the sound of silence sighs,
And gives great hope within a lonely breast,
To live again a moment, not to die…
And heal the crying soul and bring it rest,
to shed a little laughter in the rain,
and in this silence, my eyes will see again.

The Love I know within me lives
In silence now new birth to give,
For peace within my heart will rise
and awaken once again..
To the melody of love that never dies..
….. and once more in the rain, I will..
hear the sound of silence..


Freedom, does love bind you
with ropes of thoughts
where your heart must beat
against the bounds of human mind
and ways this world is sort.

Does love let you fly
with wings that glide
from within thy breast, to rest
or do you feel as if you lay
under the stone of life, today.

If I were to love thee
to see you smile, would be the bliss
that I wont miss
and even though our lives may stray
my heart with you
will stay.

as my eyes in time will see
the changes through the lens of me.
may love in humbled heart with time .
be simple be


Oh Touch me gentle thoughts
Transcend in me a smile
to dance and cry like
Like lovers aught
oh give me hope
when life is fraught….
Oh gentle thought for you must be
A parent to my soul and me.
For within the boundary of thy grace
lies the mystic wondrous place
where I can be
just me


Life should be like passing breaths
that give us joy and simple rest .
Like breezes fanning burning brow…
And lovers dancing in the now…
So beautiful then life will be and you and i will now ..
This beauty see

( dedicated to Kev )